Ear Cleaning

​--All pets ears are checked for ear infections, cleaned of all debris with cotton and cleaner.

Hair Cut Packages

--We provide haircut to owner preference. Breed cuts, shave downs, and clean up trims

Blow Dry and Brush out

​--Full blow dry and fluff with either high velocity or open air dry. Brush out to check for matting.

Sassy Tailz Pet Grooming

Nail Trimming and Dremel

​--Nail trimming and diamond tip dremeling to file off sharp edges

Teeth Brushing ( $5 add)

​--Teeth brushing can be added to any grooming. Every dog is given a personal toothbrush and we provide a 3 stage process for cleaning. We also crack tartar if possible. 

Fragrances and Conditioning Sprays

--Conditioning sprays and Fragrances are applied to help keep a healthy coat and smelling fresh.

Luxury Mobile Services

Blueberry Face Wash-

​--Our blueberry facials are tearless, will help to remove staining, and debris under eyes.

Shampoo and Conditioning

​-- Shampoo and conditioner are selected to best work with your dogs coat texture, style, oils, and skin type. Hypoallergenic and Medicated shampoos also available.  

Deshedding Package

​--SleekEZ and/ or rake out to release all dead coat prior to bath, deshedding products used during bath, High velocity Drying

NEW !!! Rake and Vac system- deshedding vaccum to suction dead coat away